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Aluminium alloys

Mild steels

Brazing and soldering alloys 

Stainless and high-alloyed steels 



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Copper-based alloys 

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Our product range includes:

Welding electrodes, solid wires, flux cored wires, submerged arc wires, fluxes, TIG welding rods, gas welding rods and special products for the following base materials:

Repair and maintenance


Nicke-based alloys 

Cast iron

Low-alloyed steels

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Special products

The Company SUPERGROUP LLC was founded in 2013, headquartered in the USA.

The remarkable expertise in the manufacturing of welding consumables earned by Company owners and technical staff dates from the 1980's. 

The Company was born and developed in order to serve Customer's welding needs by engineering the finest quality and leading technology welding consumables.